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From the minds of three friends with nothing to lose, pocket&flask is an ambitious brand that aims to provide premium casual wear to the individual at large. Born and bred in the playground that is Southern California, our designs reflect the culture, music and art that permeates our world.

Knowing that life is more than just work and responsibility, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and are on a mission to have some fun before we die. Our premium casual wear collections reflect our carefree mindset amongst a population of ever increasing drones. As the rest of the world continues to march within society’s bounds, we stand united against it.

Fun loving and adventurous, our exploits into fashion provide a canvas for our creativity and are meant to be stylish and fashion-forward, while simultaneously thought provoking. With an emphasis on visually stimulating designs, we are a laid back lifestyle brand with a knack for creating a stir.

Whether it’s the final drop from our flask or the last dollar bill in our pocket, it’s our sole mission to keep the party going.